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  Camps & Treks
Q What kind of food will be provided?
Ans. Nutritious, Vegetarian food.
We will try to introduce you to some locally grown food wherever possible and available.
All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks in between) will be provided during the program.
Q How are we traveling?
Ans. Either by road (Bus or smaller vehicles) or by train and then road. (This depends on the program, the number of people and the availability train reservations etc.)
Q What is the maximum no. of participants that you will take?
Ans. Usually we limit the group size to 20-30 persons max, unless otherwise specified in the program.

For more information and current status of the same, please contact us.
Q Can I join the trek? Are their any eligibility criteria?
Ans. Anyone above 18 years, who is healthy and willing can apply. Those with a serious medical condtion (e.g heart or lung problems or high altitude sickness or any other) should check with their doctors about the risks involved and let us know the same before registering. The onus of joining a program will lie on them. Children above 5 years of age can also join, provided they are accompanied by their parents / guardians (unless a program specifies a cut off age limit). Please do check the relevant program details for the same.
Q Is the trek difficult?
Ans. Most of our treks are easy. If you are fit and healthy, it should not be a problem.
We do not rush or try to cover distances very fast needlessly
Only in case of a ‘safety’ problem or if we expect heavy rain / storm etc., we may try to reach our campsite faster, for YOUR safety.
Q Is there electricity on Base camp?
Ans. The base camp at Ayarpani, Camp 2 (in the meadow) and Camp 3 at Jwalabanj do not have electricity. So bring your torch along.
But you will be surprised how the stars shine in the sky and there’s always some light, even in the darkest nights in the mountains. The nights with the moon can be very bright. However, the camps will have some lamps (petromax) though in the nights.
Q Is there Electricityat camp 2 & camp 3?
Ans. No
Q What accommodation is available at Base camp?
Ans. Shared tents with sleeping bags and camp mattresses.
Q Do I have to carry my luggage on the trek?
Ans. Not always. But some places where the vehicle won’t go, you will have to carry your bags. So don’t pack too much… but do pack the necessary items.

How cold will it be?


For Base Camp-
at Ayarpani, on a sunny day it is comfortable especially if you are trekking. You may just need a full sleeves shirt. But if you are in shade then it may be a little cold and a half to full sleeve sweater or a light jacket should suffice.
Evenings can be colder and a jacket or a sweater may be required.


For Trek Jageshwar-
-Camp 2 should be more or less like Base camp weather
-Camp 3 (Jwalabanj) can be a little colder and you would need a good jacket or a sweater for the night.


For Trek Bedni

Day time is pleasant but may still need a sweater or light jacket.  Night time is cold and a woolen cap and jacket is advisable if you are in the open after evening.  At Bedni the cold may dip to about 1 or 2 degrees C at night and can be very cold. One may require gloves, muffler, woollen cap and a good warm jacket.

Depending on the month the temperature may dip between 4 and 15degree C at nights.

What about the toilets and bathroom?

Ans. Toilets and bathroom are available at the base camp.

What all do I need for registration

Ans. The registration form, required fee and anything else that may have been specified in the program that you intend to participate in.

What about safety


Your safety is very important to us. We take reasonable precautions and do meticulous planning at our end. Please do help us maintain the easy and relaxed atmosphere by following the basic norms for out door activities and the instructions of our camp incharge/instructors. Defaulters may lose the privilege of participating in our future programs and may even be sent back at their own expense.

route purple reserves the right to modify the trek route / program without prior information, if it deems fit for reasons of safety or any other unforeseen events. If a trek route or a program has been modified/cancelled etc, route purple will inform all the participants as soon as possible. Any such decisions will be acceptable to all participants.

route purple can not be held responsible for any unforeseen events, acts of God or nature in any way.


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