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Barter Sunday


- EXCHANGE whatever you bring for what others have. 
- OFFER e.g. strum a nice music and barter it something
- HELP another person (e.g. get someone's water bottle filled or manage their goods while they take a walk around)
- SHARE your stuff for free if you like someone.
- Bring your own plates, cups, bottles, spoons, mats etc.
- Bring your own water, juices etc.

- Money DOES NOT buy anything during the event.
- No marketing or selling of any sorts
- No pre-packaged JUNK food (e.g.chips, kurkure, fizzed artificial drinks etc.)
- No alcohol, drugs, arms or anything that is prohibited at Lodhi Garden
- NO religion, religiosity, spirituality, past lives, future forecast / predictions and related stuff (there are other spaces for those worries)
- No Littering around (Please keep the garden clean)

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Do you cook, play music, paint or sketch something, click pictures (with whatever camera you have), make jewelry or trinkets from odd beads or do anything else which is fun or creative in any way and can be shared, exchanged

This is what the BARTER SUNDAY is all about:

CREATE and EXCHANGE or SHARE - everything from edible to non-edible!

Join us
Greet the winters and share a good time with like minded people.

All you need to do is bring along your talent and whatever stuff you create with it to EXCHANGE and / or SHARE.



Kick in your creative self, hone in your skills and chip in something cool (let your imagination rule) to the Barter day.

The event is FREE and OPEN to everyone! So, bring along friends and family.

* Venue
to be anounced soon.



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