We follow a non-aggressive, nature friendly ideology where adventure is a pleasurable interaction with nature and NOT a needless exercise in endurance or a show-off of one’s physical strength.

We believe that nature is to be respected and appreciated. Route Purpletherefore runs alongside nature, not against it.

Up coming events:
  Mar 14-18: Skiing@Solang
  May 16-23: Summer Camp
  May 23-Jun 01: Trek Bedni


Take The Route Purple
We do a 2 hours trek in 4 hours.
Take it easy. Enjoy the beauty of the path you are on.
Look at the grass and the moss on the rock.
Hear the birds sing and hum along.
We believe in being one with nature.

Purple PHILOSOPHY for a Greener planet

Ozone hole, global warming, environmental degradation, droughts, floods, epidemics… you know it all.

At Route Purple we think purple - let us not be a burden on nature when we travel.  All our activities are guided by this simple principle.

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Experience NATURE with Route Purple

It is a way to share a treasure that belongs to all of us, without destroying or looting it.
Let’s do our bit to understand our planet - the only one that allows us to exist.

We connect with the participants at a personal level to share our expertise and knowledge with them at every step.

Pick ACTIVITIES of your choice

A lot happens at Route Purple:
Trekking & Camping
Scuba Diving

Wild life explorations and more...

*If you are a Group, Organization or Institution and want it tailormade. Look no further. Just EMAIL us at:

Nature holds so many secrets…
one lifetime is too short to experience it all.
but we can always try…
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