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1. TERRASCAPE - May 2014:
Trekking green
- By Parvez Imam

2. THE HINDU - 17 August 2012:
Across Boundaries
- By Zeenab Aneez

3. THE TELEGRAPH - 3rd April 2010:
The Great Outdoors - Hit The Road - By Aarti Dua, Calcutta

4. OPEN - THE MAGAZINE - 15 may 2010
Summer Relief
- By Avantika Bhuyan, Pramila N. Phatarphekar

On An Eco Trip - By Biswa Yonzon & Ritwik Mukherjee

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"Route Purple camp was awesome as it was my 1st RP camp. All the campsite were just too cool, and ofcourse freezing; but the regretting part is that i now got used to that cold and feel a fire burning down here in Delhi. The campfires' memories are always gonna stay with me and will keep giving me warmth." Azra Lakhani (Trek Jageshwar)

"This trip was amazing for me.  It was wonderful to support local people and see a way of life that is completely different from my own.  My favorite moment of the trip was seeing the first light touch the Himalayas, a magical and beautiful moment that’ll be with me forever, for the rest of my life... I also thoroughly enjoyed the food throughout the trip.  So many new and delicious flavors.
Everything was very well organized.  I loved every minute.  Thank you to all those who made this memorable journey possible for me.
I will definitely recommend Route purple to the Waldorf Schools in Australia as a great option for a class trip." Clare Alison (Trek Jageshwar)

"Thank you so much for this wonderful trip. It is the best trip i ever had." Zeeshan (Trek Jageshwar)

 “…many of the things that you did, I appreciated later, dawned on me slowly.  First, to be willing to take a woman of 76 plus to encourage me and say "you can do it" takes courage on your part... many would have found an excuse. Met all my anxieties, about carrying weight etc. with easy  solutions.  Thank you… I shall never forget this trip. It was a memorable one, in many many ways something to savour over the years ahead. Dr. Prabha Manchanda (Trek Bedni)

"The trip was great and I really enjoyed it, especially the campfire and food." Anahita Gotipatti (Summer Camp)

"The trip was a fun experience overall, it got the whole class together. I think route purple should add a few more activities." Advitha Reddy (Summer Camp)

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See you soon on the next trip
Team Route Purple :)


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